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Welcome to the World of Tank System Kits 

The newest additions to the electronic cigarette family are the newly designed tank systems. These tank systems are available in several different models. The models include Joye 510 tank, eGo tank, 801 tank and 901 tank systems. Each tank system comes with at least two batteries, a tank atomizer (certain tank kits come with an additional tank atomizer), charging system, and five empty tank cartridges to fill with your choice of flavored e-juice. Our eGo tank system kit provides five pre-filled tobacco tank cartridges, however all tank cartridges can be re-used over and over again. All tank cartridges are flat tipped for ease of use. Flat tips seem to be the most popular with our customers in general.

One of the greatest aspects about these empty cartridges is that you will no longer have to deal with the cotton on the inside of the refillable cartridges or cartomizers. You can fill your empty cartridge one of two ways: by dripping liquid directly into the cartridge after removing the end cap or by using a syringe and then injecting the eliquid into the cartridge through the end cap. If removing the end cap, drip enough liquid into the cartridge, replace the end cap and push the (now full) tank cartridge into the tank atomizer. The eliquid will now drip directly into the tank atomizer.

510 T e Cigarette Tank System Starter Kit 
The 510-Tank e Cigarette is the newest system using a tank atomizer and a refillable tank cartridge. The tank cartridge can hold up to 1.2ml of our e liquid. The 510 tank atomizers and tank cartridges are compatible with our Joye 510 electronic cigarette batteries. Our color options for the Tank System Starter Kit are black, white, and metallic red. Our Joye 510 batteries in the tank system are automatic and have a battery capacity of 180 mAh. This kit also includes five empty tank cartridges to fill with the eliquid flavor of your choice. If you are not quite sure if a tank system is the way to go, this 510 Tank system is a great way to give it a try and see how you like it. Once you have given it a shot, there’s no doubt you will want to upgrade your tank system in the future.

DSE 801 (Pen Style) Tank System Starter Kit
For those of you who prefer the longer, sleek pen style, this is the kit for you! Like our traditional DSE 801 Pen Style cartridge kit, this kit includes two batteries with 280mAh capacity, tank atomizer(s), and several of the refillable tank cartridges. These tank cartridges hold up to 1.2ml of e-fluid. With great vapor production from the tank atomizer, you will not be disappointed. Our 801 tank systems are available in black, white, metallic red, silver, blue, pink or green.

DSE 901 Tank System Starter Kit 
Our DSE 901 batteries in the tank system have the traditional 180 mAh capacity and red LED light at the end of the e-cigarette. The starter kit will also come with five refillable cartridges, as well as two tank atomizers. This will give you two complete electronic cigarettes for your smoking pleasure. These DSE 901 tank cartridges will also carry up to 1.2ml of eliquid. Our 901 tank system color options currently come in black, white, silver, blue, red, gold, or pink. eGo Tank System and eGo Tank System w/ LED Screen Starter Kits

eGo Tank system Starter Kit 
Now, the original eGo tank system and eGo tank system with LED screen are the cadillac of all tank systems! These wonderful kits provide you with the best performing batteries on the market. Our original eGo tank system comes with two 900mAh batteries and two tank atomizers. Our eGo tank system with LED screen has the largest battery capacity of 1100mAh! Now, that’s a lot of power. Depending on how heavy a smoker someone is, just one of these batteries can last you for several days before having to recharge it. The eGo blank tank cartridges will hold up to 2ml of your favorite eliquid. Both of these kits are available in Black, Silver, Pink, Red, Blue and Gold.

Whichever tank system kit you decide, we promise you will not be disappointed! We do suggest purchasing additional packages of the appropriate sized tank cartridges, as well as your eliquid to fill the cartridges with.